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Introduction to MeritTek

Welcome to MeritTek Solutions. We offer a wide range of professional services from POS Systems, merchant services, on-site IT services to surveillance systems all across USA.
We are the fastest growing reseller for various POS Systems and deliver complete services to our end users.
We understand challenges faced by restaurants, grocery stores and other retail establishments. Our services and products are developed to address those challenges so you can concentrate on your business.
At MeritTek, we give you choices and options for each product and service and discuss them in detail using our experience and best practices so you can make informed decisions.
We are in business to make your business grow.

Our Services


Jane Gibbs

No more long queues and angry customers at our door. To be honest, we didn’t like the long lines and customers waiting to be checked out. We desperately wanted to change that, and have been able to with this.

Vanessa Murphy

Worth the investment, it set up fast and has helped us save on the staff’s time. The staff can focus on more complicated issues rather than menial data entries.

Ibtesam Ahmed

It was mainly a requirement from one of the suppliers to have something as advanced in place, but, in reality, we cannot imagine our retail outlets without these Clover systems.

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